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Ivano-Frankivsk Rotary Club was founded on the 7th of October 1995. This was possible due to positive changes that occurred as a result of the separation of Ukraine from the USSR and the active help of Rotary Club of Lviv and Mr. Leon Lozhel. The main principle of Rotary movement – “LOOK BEYOND YOURSELF” – was used during formation of the club Community in each region during rotarian actions were able to ensure that cast members provide care in the most important directions of development and carefully and efficiently care about the quality and standards of living of adjacent communities.

Over the years we together with Rotarians of many countries have implemented a large number of small but important projects. Each of them certainly had its target audience and direction. It is our project "Children of Ukraine" (1995) that evolved later in the program of national importance and was supported by the President of Ukraine and got into a state of family planning program. Today, educational institutions (from schools to the academy) appreciate our assistance: Purchase and installation of modern office equipment, repairing classrooms and offices, Rotary student exchange program. We have to mention assistance in treating (heart surgery, etc.) with the help of Rotary International Programs. With our help, many people today continue fruitful life. Annually and traditionally orphanage of our region receive targeted Rotary support.

We used to detailed study of the orphanage needs and assist them in the most optimal way of taking on problems that can not be resolved through public financing instruments.

Our members in different years took care upon Rotary movement in Ukraine transferring experience of the clubs in other countries. Rotary club not only has taken effective participation in the opening of other clubs, but also produced the first Directory of Ukraine Rotary Clubs, worked actively on creation of the district and within the district international student exchange program. Dozens of students in exchange programs were trained in our universities and worked in enterprises of the Rotary members.

The highest Paul Harris honors of the Rotary International were ordered in different years, to charter president V. Bondarenko and past President Y. Kaspruk.

We will continue to follow the best traditions of the Rotary movement and to intergrate with the European clubs, studying the possibility of cooperation and opportunities for European aid donors to improve the quality of civil society in our communities.